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I can log in to ilearn, but I cannot see all of the contents of the course. This especially affects the Knowledge Check sections.
Posted by Chris Bucin, Last modified by Nathan Thomas on 11 July 2012 09:47 AM
Please refer to the list of recomended software on the front page of the Virtual Learning Environment. The most likely problem you will encounter is that you do not have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed. It can be downloaded from the link below. If you are accessing ilearn from work, you may need to get your network administrator to do this for you. If you are unsure of how to do this, please email

Recommended web browsers

ilearn and supporting materials have been designed and tested with the following web browsers in mind. Although you may be able to access these materials in other browsers, we recommend and support using the following packages:

- Mozilla Firefox (Version 2 or above) PC | Mac | Linux
- Microsoft Internet Explorer (Version 7 or above) PC Download Only
- Apple Safari (Version 2 or above) Mac | Windows

Please disable popup-blocking software and ensure that JavaScript and cookies are enabled for a smoother browsing experience.

To get the full potential of our courses you should ensure you are running the latest versions of the following browser plugins:

- Adobe Flash Player (Version 8 or above) All platforms
- Adobe PDF Viewer (Version X or above) All platforms
- Apple Quicktime (Version 7 or above) is recommended but not essential for most features.

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